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Who Is CosPayton?

CosPayton is an award-winning self-taught cosplayer, photographer, and pattern maker with over a decade of cosplay and theatre experience under their belt. As a baby cosplayer making Winter Soldier arms out of leggings and fun foam, Payton was shocked at the lack of cosplay-specific resources at the time. A lot of cosplayers were flying solo and winging it, Payton included.

Flash forward 8 years, in 2021, Payton took the leap and started “CosPayton Cosplay + Crafting,” a one-stop pattern shop for new and experienced cosplayers alike. After releasing their first pattern, a Wanda Maximoff headpiece, Payton was floored at the overwhelmingly positive reception from the cosplay community. Now in 2022, 50+ patterns later, CosPayton creates cosplay resources full time, priding themself on providing inclusive sizes, character-specific resources, and free support.


General FAQ

Your Questions, My Answers

Do You Take Commissions?

Currently, full costume commissions aren't available, but I do take custom pattern commissions.


Find out more here!

How Did You Make [Insert Cosplay]?

Oftentimes it's too hard to explain in a short paragraph, so I've put little sections on many of the costume's dedicated "gallery" pages!

Can you Attend "X" Convention?

First of all, I'm absolutely flattered, but as a Canadian on a budget who can't drive, my convention experiences are limited.

If you want to see me at a future convention (especially ones outside of Ontario) please reach out to the convention and let them know. You never know... I may end up as a guest at a con near you!

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