Digital Patterns

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Unzipping Files

Many of my patterns and resources come as .zip files in order to save space and allow for easy downloading. These files require being "unzipped" to view the contents inside. 


If on Windows, please download Winrar to open and extract files. Winrar can be downloaded for free here


For Mac, please download Unarchiver to open and extract files. Unarchiver can be downloaded for free here

Mobile Phones

On Mobile phones you should be able to extract any pattern with a simple tap. Depending on the phone, you may need a specific app. However due to the method of printing, I would recommend using a computer

Printing Large Patterns

For most sewing patterns, please check your pattern booklet for specific printing instructions. For the scaleable patterns and blueprints, however, please follow the instructions below. If for any reason you have issues with this, contact me at

How to Print Digital Cosplay Patterns