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2021 Cosplay Holiday Gift Guide

Every year as we hit the season of various holidays I'm always stumped on what to answer when people in my life ask me what I want. ⁠

I know I'm not alone on that. It can be HARD to shop for a cosplayer, but fret no more! I've compiled a list of my favourite must-haves to help make this season just a bit less stressful.⁠

Save this list for yourself or send it to a loving, but confused friend/family member.

(None of these links or gift ideas are sponsored. These opinions are all my own and are all products and companies I genuinely use and support!)


  • Tailor's Ham

  • Measuring Gauge

  • French Curve Ruler

  • Rotary Cutter

These sewing tools are some I never knew I needed until I had them. I use almost all of them on every sewing project I make and swear by them. They can be easily found at your local fabric/sewing store!


  • Multi-colour Flood Lights

  • Paper Backdrop Roll

  • Fake Vines

  • Stool

There are SO many different items you can get a cosplayer who is into/looking to get into photography and self-shooting. For me personally, my photography game changed when I got multi-coloured floodlights. They're easy to set up and add a real dynamic pop to photos and videos.


  • Canvas Wig Block

  • Got2b Glued

  • Wig Clamp

  • Crimper

Wigs are the personal bane of my existence, but I know some cosplayers love working on them! Treat them to some wig tools, most of which can be found on Arda Wigs (and buying from them means you support cosplay-based businesses!)


  • Blueprints

  • Sewing Patterns

  • 3D Print Files

  • 3D Printed Kits

A bit of a shameless plug for my own shop here, but also a way to share some of my favourite cosplay pattern shops! My personal shop stocks all sorts of digital downloads for making cosplay as easy as possible!

CosplayWithMaridah created the pattern for my Zelda cosplay and I was blown away at the cleanliness and professional presentation of her patterns.

CosplayPrintables has a Mollymauk pattern that I'm currently working with and I highly recommend.

Books (My Personal Faves)

The new market of cosplay books is one of my favourite things ever. I tried to include a range of books for beginners and pros alike with both tutorials and patterns included in certain books! Who doesn't love a good read?

Armour and Propmaking

  • Foam Clay

  • 3D Printer Filament

  • Contact Cement

  • FLEXIBLE Acrylic Paint

Depending on the type of armour-maker in your life, any of these tools could be a fantastic addition to their collection. I'm especially a fan of PlaidFX paint made specifically for cosplay. It's flexible and pigmented and everything a paint should be. It's obvious they listened to cosplayers when making it, which is such a breath of fresh air!

For more cosplay tips, tricks, and tutorials, keep up with me here! Thank you so much for reading and happy making <3

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