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Cosplay Convention Tips (That AREN'T Condescending )

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

So as vaccines become more widespread and conventions return there becomes a whole new generation of cosplayers who haven't even been to a convention!

I've seen a lot of elitism around "real cosplayers" who went to cons pre-pandemic and I hate to see it. All cosplayers are welcome, regardless of time cosplaying, knowledge, age, gender, orientation, race, etc. Cons are for everyone!

With that, here are a few of my must-have convention tips

Don’t Buy Convention Food

It’s overpriced, lines are far too long, and it tastes bad. Bring your own food or leave the convention centre and go to a local restaurant!

Buddy System

Have a way to check in with your friends/who you go to the convention with. One habit to get into is trying to check your phone every few minutes for messages/calls, but you can also set a meeting place and a time to meet back up if you split as well! I’ve lost SO many friends at cons and it took me hours to find them because they didn’t check their phones.

Con Bags are a NECESSITY

My con bag always has a water bottle (WITH ICE) an emergency sewing kit, granola bars and other small snacks, hygiene products (deodorant, tampons, etc.) and any touch-up makeup I may need such as lash glue, lipstick, or bodypaint.

Pro Tip: Try to find a back that matches your character if you feel weird about carrying around a bag that “ruins the costume”

Photo by PigeonPen
Fun Fact: Our baby basket doubled as a home for our water bottles and wallets. A functional prop!

For The Love of God, Break In Your Shoes

I sprained my ankle on day 1 of a con and didn’t bring a different pair of shoes and suffered for the rest of the weekend. Don’t be like me

Double Check the Conventions Prop Policy BEFOREHAND

Some fake weapons may need an obvious orange tip, and some conventions I’ve been to have rules about fake blood.

Nothing worse than making it to the con and realizing your prop can’t come in and you can’t store it/bring it back to your hotel easily.

Bring a Portable Charger.

As said earlier your phone is important so keep it charged! You’ll be using it to text, be on social media, take pictures, look up con schedules, etc. So that battery will drain FAST.

Try To Plan Out Your Day (If You Can)

Conventions have a LOT going on and you don’t want to miss that panel, signing, or meet-up because you accidentally got sucked into the endless aisles of the artist alley and lost track of time. Make sure you know when and where you want to go!

Don't Be Afraid To Take Breaks

As said there’s so much to see but you’re also a human being who needs time to eat, hydrate, take your wig and uncomfortable shoes off, sit, or whatever else. I didn’t take breaks up until my last con (and I’ve been going to cons for 8 years) and let me tell you your body will THANK YOU!


Those are just a few things I've learned in my many years, but I hope they still help! Fellow convention goers, what are your favourite tips?

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