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How to Make Payton Hobart's Buttons from "The Politician"

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I've gotten a surprising amount of questions about the buttons on my Payton Hobart cosplay, so I'm here to share how I made all these buttons for under $20 with supplies I already had or could buy from my local Michaels.

When I was making my Payton Hobart cosplay, I couldn't find the button designs anywhere online. So I did my best to recreate them in Photoshop. You can find my button designs at the bottom of this tutorial.

Now, onto the tutorial:

My larger 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch buttons were made using the "Creatology Plastic Buttons" that I got from my local Michaels. These are beyond easy to use. The buttons come as a front and back piece and the back just snaps right in.

For the large buttons it was as easy as printing my image to scale on regular printer paper, cutting it out, placing it in the button, and snapping the back into place.

However, as much as I loved these buttons, 2.5 inches is as small as these buttons go. So for my 1 inch buttons I had to get a little creative. I made these buttons using a super easy decoupage method.

What You'll Need

  • 1 inch wide wooden circles

  • Pin backings

  • Scissors or a craft knife

  • Mod Podge or some other decoupage glue

  • Your button images, printed on regular printer paper to 1 inch scale

  • A hot glue gun

Step One: Cut out your image

First step is pretty self explanatory. Use your tool of choice and cut out your images to size. You can use the wooden circle to trace around your image to make sure it'll fit.

Step Two: Mod Podging the wooden circle

Next you add a thin coat of Mod Podge to one side of your wooden circle. Make sure the coat is thin, or else it'll bleed through your image and cause the ink to run.

Step Three: Add your image

Now you can take your cut out image and press it onto the wet mod podge. Use your fingers to ensure the entire image is stuck on and there are no air bubbles. Leave to dry.

Step Four: A sealing coat of Mod Podge

Once your image is dry, add another thin coat overtop of the image to seal it in. Make sure this coat is also thin or else you risk the ink bleeding.

Step Five: Glue the Pin backings

Finally, use some hot glue to secure the pin backings to the back of your new buttons.

And now you've got yourself a bunch of Payton Hobart buttons. Hopefully this tutorial answers any questions you may have had about my process!

My Button Designs

Here are my recreations of the buttons. I tried to make them as accurate to the show as possible. If you use these, please tag me in your photos, I'd absolutely love to see them!

You can tag me @cospayton on both Instagram and Twitter.

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