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Squip Cosplay

The Squip

From "Be More Chill"

The SQUIP, from the viral musical "Be More Chill" is easily my favourite costume I've made. My magnum opus, if you will.

Most recently in 2022, I remade this cosplay from the ground up to be as broadway accurate as possible. I also wanted to make my process accessible for other to-be squip cosplayers, so I created a pattern and instruction booklet as well. Check it out below!

2022 Halloween Squip

2019 Halloween SQUIP

This cosplay was hand painted and took over 80 hours of labour to do so. It was my my proudest sewing achievement up until the 2022 remake, and it will always have a special place in my heart 
Images are sorted newest to oldest. Click on them to learn more!

Squip with Pill

Squip with Pill

Squip, Michael, Jeremy, and Christine

Squip, Michael, Jeremy, and Christine

Inspired by art by double0doodles

Glitched SQUIP

Glitched SQUIP

makeup was voted on and partially designed by my Instagram followers!

Entrance Squip

From "Be More Chill Part 1"

You didn't think I'd stop at one Squip cosplay, did you? In December of 2020 I whipped up this cosplay in about a week and even turned it into a pattern! 

It was my first time using my Cricut instead of painstakingly hand-painting the circuits and it was a LIFESAVER

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